The Twin Cities’ finest in drug-induced conscious music (October 1, 2015). Rocky has been grinding outta his mind for years now and finally inked a deal with Epic last year. The rapper recounts serious tales in his slurred voice, and sounds damaged, but his passion for early 2000’s lifestyle beats allows the artist to keep things light. Rocky finds a way to shine, even in his most in-depth stories.

It’s been wild to see the development of Minnesota Hip Hop over the course of my lifespan. Madison is only 4 hours away from The Cities, so we heard the bigger names coming out of there. For a while, it was really only Rhymesayers – Brother Ali and Atmosphere. Now, emcees Prof, Allan Kingdom and Rocky Diamonds, and new wave R&B artists Corbin and Bobby Raps have made a name for themselves outside of that conglomerate.

Rocky Diamonds is a trap rapper but takes the time to reflect. He’s working harder than the competition and I think he’ll hit nationally soon enough.

Watch the video for “Very Special.”