UPDATE: The artist has removed “The Landing” from his SC. — Chicago’s mysterious emcee just went darker with his newest drop (October 2, 2015). This is straight electropop from a Hip Hop emcee.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing, though. Actually, I think the best kind of Hip Hop is the brand that’s genuine. So who’s to say that this particular artist can’t combine a gang of sounds together to bring these truly amazing, theatrical stories come to life. The featured artist, Mothica, makes “gloompop” music. I love the experimentation. We even get an 808 & Heartbreak type breakdown at 3:00, it’s just too bad Yeezy won’t be back in town to hear it.

The combination of Ibn’s unique energy on “The Good You See In Me,” with the cross-genre ambiance – it makes a playable record. Arran Sym, Danny Winter and Mike Derenzo crafted the beat.

Ibn Inglor has been dropping since the top the September, so I’d expect the Honegloria project soon. He posted “The Landing” on September 18 too. PEEPx1,000,000

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