Yo Dot has always been“Sucka Free” but today’s drop is something different (October 9, 2015). Compared to the rapper’s last – “The Get Back” – this ebb and flow is very much more the modern Milwaukee sound. Yo Dot actually sounds a lot like Von Alexander on this.

The veteran emcee knows how to hold the city down and rides this one with ease, exuding pensive feels. Yo Dot is done with the suckas, so miss him with the BS. Listen to the Umbrella Music Group emcee turn this Hart Gunther beat out. It’s been over 2 years since Sherman Park Memoirs but Burleigh Bodega is coming soon.

“Man, can’t drop the ball, it’s bout that time to set example
This one on the house, this that crack cocaine and testing samples
Living where they shooting, like a vintage cable western channel
Hope you got your vest and ammo, every day’s a test and gamble”