Chicago unites on this Scared Straight! type “Put The Guns Down” record, created to show people the reality of gun violence in the city (October 12, 2015). I fuck with the song and I’m sure a lot of people will either be excited or skeptical that all of these artists are putting on for this message.

I’m excited because I appreciate the artistry created out of the struggle in drill music. I also hate that venues won’t book these rappers due to their lyrical content. This song will at least show some fans that King Louie, Lil Herb and Katie Bandz are not looking to glorify guns, that it’s a reality not a front. Through the channel of music, the creators of this project are able to share their tragic past experiences with firearms and show that their raps come from somewhere you don’t want to go. Guns are not toys.

This won’t be the last anti-firearm rap record either, with Chicago Ideas, Leo Burnett, and Anthony “The Twilite Tone” Kahn at the helm. For more on the movement, check out Music Vs Gun Violence.

From top to bottom:

King Louie
Katie Got Bandz
Nick Jr.
Mic Terror
Lil Herb
No Name Gypsy