RED knows what he wants for his birthday (October 18, 2015). The rising Madison, Wisconsin artist took this scantily clad Jazz Hop record and essentially demanded his guy Ra’Shaun to feature. Ra’Shaun then brought Trapo into the fold and the three artists went on to record and mix “Drug of Choice” all in one night. Happy G Day RED!

The soulful tough artist gets some of his style from the two contrasting sides of Chicago. “I’m influenced by both sides of the culture,” RED said in an exclusive interview with Beef. “The gritty side and the conscious side are both aspects that made me into the well rounded emcee I am today.” The young emcee calls it: “Vibe Hop.”

The rapper-singer also recently dropped his AlarmClock1 tape. But… the emcee dropped it by way of the streets, without uploading an online counterpart. While slinging tapes is a good way to make some quick money, it’s not the best strategy for widespread distribution.

RED is smart because he realized that he wasn’t taking full advantage of his options and thus quickly shelved the project. That was a slick move because now he can wait to drop AC1 until after he ups his buzz some. The Mad rapper plans to re-release the project via the web soon.

Find “Drug of Choice” on the AlarmClock2 tape – due Summer 2016.

Published to HipHopDX on October 24.

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