Wave Chapelle is with the Drake flow on “Lately” (October 23, 2015). Many artists in the area are taking after the Toronto artist, now that he’s developed the OVO brand. This is particularly in the North.

Chapelle has his own style though – a smart and eerie trap style that fuses the organic with industrial. I don’t like to see lyricists like this assimilated into the mainstream sound. At the same time, “Lately” is hitting. Wave can adapt his relentless Milwaukee flow to any producer. Minus that annoying, high-pitched synth that never changes the whole song, many Wave and Drake fans will fuck with this.

“Wavy nigga coming from The 4 dog
You ain’t never seen the shit that I’d and seen
All fugazi nigga leave me lonely
Bout to go back to the old me like I’m jumping through a time machine
I swear my life is crazy, shit is like The Odyssey
I’m on another level, coulda joined the Ivy League
I’m a monster, you don’t wanna see this side of me
And I predicted I would make it like a prophecy”

Greedy Money produced.