Cliff aka Beef is a sneaker freak. Yap, that’s right. I have so much sole I developed Plantar fasciitis in my teens. Today, this creamy pair of Radii Vortex slid across my timeline and they made me think… It’s finally time that I clue everyone in on PYS (October 27, 2015).

Clifton Beef Timbs 2011


It all started at The Finish Line East Towne, slinging waterproofer and tall tees to large, non-English-speaking families. With the glory that is $6.50/hr, I was able to expand my collection of Walmart knockoffs to include name brand footwear such as Adidas, Nike and Reebok. Seeing as how I started balling I was young, I had to have the Air Max, Shell Toes and Pumps. Obviously I had the Dookies, Jordans, and the classic Midwest winter Timbs too.

Clifton Beef Pumps

At the same time – I snowboarded a lot – and so I started fucking with the Hip Hop skater shits like Supra and Radii. I made sure to get all of the ugliest joints out there too – Dadas, Ice Creams, Keds, Bapes – all that mess.

Radii Gold

Today, I speak to you candidly to tell you that I started copping from PYS after I quit my job at The Finish Line. They have everything a player needs. Pick Your Shoes has been there for me through all the meticulous lacejobs and devastating flat tires.

Clifton Beef Reebok Classics 2015

Cop these Radii Vortex for $130. Sometimes the price is lower on PYS, right now it’s the same. However, depending on how well sumn sells in stores, you can get sleepers on PYS for the low. If you have a good eye, there’s always a chance to touch money. Pick a few sneakers that develop cult followings and you’ll be wet for this life of podiatry. I know I am. Based on how many times I’ve doubled or tripled up, I could run that joint.

May the sneaker Gods bless you now and forever.

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