We stay betwixt the Backwoods in the Midwest. Deep in the woods is where we stay. So for artists like Sunny Woodz, it’s about blazing that thick, heavy Indica smoke until you’re numb (November 1, 2015).

This is an exceptional session here, though. Sunny teams up with Chicago’s finest chiefers on the haunting “Through The Woods.” XVRHLDY sings the spooky hook on the slow-bleeding ZenZan beat. Woodz, Murph Watkins, Twista and Ak (of Do or Die) flow in between.

Sunny Woodz is new to the game but he’s already made a name for himself by associating with other major players in the Chicago scene. Also check out his “Feel The Wave” track with Supa Bwe and Twista.

“I’m a treehugger, I’m a land lover”

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