I met singer-songwriter Josh Dominguez after moving into my current traphouse in Hollywood. He’s a smooth criminal, Josh. His ability to finesse the upper echelon of Californian women impressed me, and so I listened (November 8, 2015).

I heard a talented musician but a distracted man. The Costa Mesa native has a pain in his voice on “First Encounters.” A deep infatuation with a particular woman has left the soulful California artist in a state of “introspective growth.”

If I had to compare JD to an industry artist, I’d say he could sound like Miguel or Frank Ocean if he wanted. Josh has a style of his own, though. He dedicates this “First Encounters” record to his parents, who both celebrated birthdays this past week. More Casual Hour music coming soon…

“First encounters with lust
Then you gave me a taste of some”

Beef x BluntedBeatz produced.