Trebino is making power moves (November 16, 2015). The Madison, Wisconsin “Trappin n Rappin” emcee set up shop and now he’s in grind mode. Bino keeps it in the circle on “Pressure”, grabbing in-house production from 608 Music‘s Xyz (ICE Borealis). This is mean.

Bino just dropped a full #BinoBusiness project, which features many others in his circle such as Ra’Shaun and Trapo. He’s plotting another tape for Christmas too – pow pow. Expect to find “Pressure” on there. Look out for Bino’s upcoming collab with Billionaire Black as well, the artist plans to shoot a visual for the single with Niko Money.

“Niggas see me they like, ‘Bino, ay!
You going crazy on these niggas, ay!
You killing shit, you on a different page’
I’m grinding, I could never skip a day”

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