Von Alexander dropped V O N today (November 19), and it’s every bit as grimy as we wanted. Von used to go by Vonny Del Fresco but this artist has always had a way of bringing the sun down into the basement. Coming from the North Side of Milwaukee, life has been a real struggle for this young black male. This brilliant lyricist is finally getting some shine for his well polished records, though.

An emcee, a writer, a voice and a leader, Von wants people to look past physical appearances to see the more authentic parts of people. The artist has a bigger idea in mind than just rap. He lives in madness but knows that there is a better way.

The Cream City rapper is influenced by A Tribe Called Quest, N.E.R.D, Nas, Future, Toro y Moi and Bon Iver. Don’t expect the average, expect Von Alexander. He knows his sound too. “Dylan Graham was someone that hit me up. And I hit up DMND on my own,” he says. For “the most unplanned project [he’s] ever done,” this sounds pretty damn good. Especially since he just dropped another massive “Memoirs” album just a few months back.

Here’s a visual from last year:

His and my favorite record on V O N is “N O R T H”:

“I can’t even wear Jordans, these shoes are the reason that niggas are killing
It’s fucked up when your hero ain’t really your hero, you look at him different
Cause niggas die just wear your name, niggas die just to play your game
Niggas die just to get that fame, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman
My whole life, I’ve been on to something
My whole life, man they made assumptions”

Premiered by Mass Appeal. Download on the albums page.

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