Mathaius Young nem smashed the backboard on this disgusting “Broke The Rim” record (November 23, 2015). All four of these artists are on the same flow.

I just caught wind of Mathaius Young but I see he’s been fucking with the grime style for a few months. Both Ibn Inglor and Martin $ky have been crafting this trippy, mechanical style for a while. Tre Capital hopped on and went in too. I’m excited to see where this post-Kanye West flavor of Hip Hop-EDM goes. For now, turn this shit up.

“They call that a little hiatus
They should call me Mathaius motion picture
A nigga fucked around and broke the rim
You know you can’t get a nigga up outta the gym”

Produced by Mathaius Young & Martin $ky.

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