The Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper told me “I was just kinda meant to be dad man it chose me I didn’t choose it”. He isn’t fathering a child but he looks and dresses like one. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. He raps though, so either way he’s a cool dad. Dad mixes elements of Boom Bap and Chopped and Screwed on “Lake Drive” and “Super Stupid”, giving the people of Wisconsin a break from Conscious and Drill music.

Cop that Father Figure EP on December 6. Mammyth made it. Also, the rapper has two more projects coming shortly after this one.

“Me and tree go together like a pair of socks
Me running out of weed is a paradox
Mary go around, really ain’t no telling where it stop
All over, look like Carot Top, got me walking slow like an old Triceratops”

Check the albums page for the tracklist.

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