I created Basement Made from nothing – and when I say nothing – I mean no cash, no plugs, no knowledge of the industry. My ex left me the day I launched the site. Everything you see and experience is the result of creativity, knowledge and hard work (December 5, 2015).

I made this “Proletariat” beat in the Summer of 2014, just on some loosie remix shit. My production is on another level now… But put in the time every day and no matter how smart and creative you are, the hard work is what’s finna pay off the most.

I’ve seen countless gifted artists that don’t have the drive. I’ve also seen countless grind-minded artists that don’t have the talent. The business mindset is what connects the two. Unfortunately, unless you were born into an Upper Class family, you were set up for servitude from birth. White, black, yellow, brown, whatever… America is a capitalist country, run by those with money.

The good news: The Midwest hustles much harder than any other region of the country. We’re blessed and cursed with a hard work ethic, so partially set up for success but also convinced that we need to work for someone else.

So keep putting that time in every day but try to learn sumn too. And for god’s sake, reach out to your neighbors and collaborate. Eventually, you’ll look back at the projects ya did the Summer before and see your own personal growth, as a part of the scene. Progression with intention leads to innovation, and innovation draws flocks. Plot and readjust, scheme and eventually your work will level with the knowledge, creating opportunities for you to jump into the next tax bracket.


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