$uki and $unny are VITAL E$$ENCE. The two Milwaukee lyricists are definitely a vital part of Rebel Nxtion. These bars are Rikers. I hadn’t heard of em until just now but I’m glad I did. With Reggie Bonds at the helm of the team, these two grimy emcees are getting the best direction out.

Check out these two SLAPPERS they just dropped. They feature BAP on both “S A I L O R M OO N S H A W T Y” and “fuck what you say”, who also does a very nice job of rapping. We need a tape from the Rebel Nxtion collective ASAP. I’ll host.

“I’m like fuck what you say
Bitch you can’t tell me shit, cause I’m young and I’m great
You a crumb to a steak, I’m a nun on date
Man I don’t give a fuck, I’m like fuck what you say”

“Niggas in my space, I don’t like that shit
Separated from the squares n I’ll light that spliff
Nigga, ya got new J’s? Better give them bitches, it could go two ways
Sailor Moon, I assume that your crew mate”

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