LAMB$ is making the best in Midwest Dance music. We can really move to this “ESE” joint he just dropped with MIDWEST MILLZ – a rarity in the land. I mean, we dance… but not really with other people. Actually, we usually only dance if against someone else. Footworking, Jitting, and now Bopping – all personal styles – all typically used to separate yourself from everyone else. That or it’s Grinding, Juking or Twerking, which is just ass-shaking…

The Cincinnati, Ohio raised emcee keeps it grimy but he tends to go more in the direction of the Future and Migos style, which gives him a more Trap sound than the aggressive Drill music or thought-provoking Conscious rap. This “ESE” joint kinda sounds like “Blasé,” so maybe folks will move to it like they do in The South. Earlly Mac wants that for Detroit too. It’s tough because people aren’t flamboyant at all in The Midwest. I think just need a modern update.

StackzDaProducer on the beat.