YE Ali and Louis Val are on their late night game. More specifically, these two artists are on their “Late Night Flex”. Bring on the sexy tings – Toronto style.

Val hails from Toronto, Canada and the two singer-rappers make it clear they’re all about The 6 on this one. YE Ali grew up in Chicago and Indiana – a place much like Wisconsin – in that it’s surrounded by the scene but hasn’t received much industry attention yet. “All of my roommates are from Milwaukee and most of my producers,” he told me recently. Not surprised.

The artist is still looking for his sound but he’s right there. I have high hopes for YE Ali. Go play the Private Suite 1 tape after this.

“My nigga told me she was from The 6 / Had a reputation, she a freak
I don’t give a fuck, I’ll take a chance / We can kick it, I can be your man
Just believe that shit…”

Produced by Xclu + Burd, and Keyz.