Too early? This “Pill Cosby” record goes, though… (December 22, 2015). From the beat to the AK Stackz flow, this House of Renji record a certifiable banger.

To clarify, Stackz is flipping xans not roofies. He’s right, everyone wants xanex right now. In the land, the people want xani, molly, xxy, addie. Those are the favorites. “Jugging all these pills, I feel like I’m Bill Cosby,” Stackz says. This is how he came out:

“Pocket fulla hundreds and I’m jugging fool
Loops out the bag, nigga feeling like Toucan
Aw damn, a nigga been at it all night
Ambidextrous when I jug, I’m selling left and right
New ice I’m gon cop when the bag drop
I’m in rotation doing numbers like a padlock”

Then Stackz changes it up at 3:28. Total hype down to a lurking flow. Bang bang.