Bring in January 1, 2016 with the loopy Blizz McFly record. The SAFS Crew founding father takes a beat – that sounds like ADOTHEGOD made it from default Fruity Loops instruments – and turns it to a playable record. Also known as Brandel McCloud, the artist recently came back from a hiatus. His sound needs an upgrade from Flight: Eighty-Nine, but Blizz McFly can still flow.

Blizz also follows suit with the T R A P S O U L theme of letter spacing, as did Von Alexander and Mike Regal of Milwaukee. With some direction of his own in this new year, the emcee can get some shine for his many years of dedication to the craft.

Look out for more records off the BLK GOLD album. The title stands for “Beyond Living Kings, Gods Omen to the Living Dead”, and it’s “the soundtrack to my awakening”, Blizz tells me. His purpose, “to guide those experiencing the same but may not know where to start”. Here’s a recent record with Mike Regal.

“All black, gotta bulletproof the coup
I roll the dice, case these niggas wanna shoot
Call me Benji, I’m all about my Franklins”

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