Jean Deaux attempted to kill herself a year ago. Today (January 3, 2016), the young, gorgeous and wildly popular Chicago singer opens up with an “Open Letter” to her fans. “1 year ago today I failed at a suicide attempt”, she writes in the SC description. “I’m still here. This is my open letter, Im only getting better…”

With bright, poppy production from Monte Booker underneath, this composition will bring hope to the dimmest of spirits. I’m glad she’s comfortable enough to talk about it. That shows strength. As someone who went through a similar mental state, I can understand where her head is at, and how hard it is explain to others.

Ay Jean, I love you and everything you do. If ya ever need to talk – reach out.

“I ain’t eat today
Instead I’m levitating over the highway
Hoping I fly way
I took some medicine
No one can help me now
Mama I’m leaving now
I’m tired of breathing now”

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