3rd just dropped Things Have Changed and the group is already back with more glorious music. Burn tags in at the beginning and says “Oh, you niggas sound the same, you move the same / You need a new occupation, I’m just saying”. The flows on “Stain” are everywhere at the same time. As the emcees all trade off flows of their own variety on the new record, you’ll hear just how intricate a 3rd Dimension song is (January 10, 2015).

I met up with the group a couple times at the end of December, while I was home for the holidays. They’re on their job. When the members of 3rd aren’t working their day jobs or going to class, they’re rapping and creating masterpieces in the downtown stu. Burn makes most of the beats but Reeks is great on the production side too – mixing the tracks for the 5-man team.

Everyone has their own style. See it on the stage or in person, it’s all the same. This record is regal and sinister, smooth and tough. The artists are working together, looking forward to conquer and take all. Spaz says at the end: “They don’t call me the finesser, more like Goldie the pimp / Finessing these hoes out they rent, I’m cold cause I don’t give a shit”. This “Stain” song will be remembered as a staple in the book 3rd Dimension.

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