I just caught wind of the Chicago, Illinois artist via his “homie” Von Alexander. This “Lay Low” record is massive. Filled with coldhearted piano, heavy drums and a sweeping synth, the rapper-singer didn’t have to do much on the Steezefield beat to make it move. LOVEUNKNWN has a natural flow though, and I like what he did on here. I got this banger on repeat right nah.

I chopped it up with LOVEUNKNWN tonight, while he was work. “I’m usually high as fuck when I make this shit,” he says. And while his sound is airy and ambient, it’d be a mistake to classify this artist so generically. LOVEUNKNWN is much more than a reverbed-out drug rapper. “Usually I shop demos off,” he says. The rapper co-produces the majority of his records with Steezefield and then sends some off to bigger houses for sale.

“Living in sin, I’m just stacking my ends
But that cross made of gold, say a prayer when I die”

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