Blizz McFly premieres his BLK GOLD project with a couple shots – “Bang Bang” (January 22, 2016). This record is nothing short of a SAFS Crew sensation, starting with a pair of savage guest verses from Klassik and Vincent VanGREAT. The hook is powerful. Vincent “did the beat, hook and rap, triple double on the track”. Wow Klassik goes in on this! I’m sure some of our neighbors forgot that SEASONS Klassik can flow like that. Mammyth is critical on the mix too.

I’m looking forward to this upcoming BLK GOLD album from the Milwaukee artist. Blizz has always had a unique flow. Here, he says:

“They gon think it’s safe until I fucking lose it
Proving all these fakes, it’s time to show em who the fucking truest
It’s Blizzard, they can’t touch the cooler, life has been some tough manure
Hit em with that Goku now they saying that I’m fucking super”

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