Reggie Bonds was supposed to fly back out to New York City today for a show and video shoot. That was until 20 inches of snow hit the East Coast… Regardless, the Rebel Nxtion rapper still wants “No More Parties W/ Fake Rappers”. Today (January 23, 2016), the emcee blessed the masses with a flow so spiritually in tune.

According to Reggie, he once dreamt that he had conversation with Erykah Badu. “She said she like how I mix conscious with revolution,” he raps. The artist looks to impress the cultural figure and destroy all Pop music.

Reggie Bonds and Erykah Badu Tweet

“Originally the concept was going to be a poem,” he tells me. However, after he heard the new Ye, Reggie quickly pulled the beat from “No More Parties In LA” and flipped it into his own record. The rapper sees a parallel between his ideas and those from Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. The RZA sample is a nice touch too.

“I’d n seen niggas get killed for acting different
Badu, I’m from the Mil that weird shit ain’t fit for this
Ha, in the parties with all the pop niggaz
I mean I came off Locust where they pop niggas”

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