Cool Tay has the “City High” and he brought friends. He gave his last single “They Know” some time to spin and now the emcee has returned with some vibes for the city and the fam (January 25, 2016). “Showing love to my city, my home, with well-known artists from the same struggle – with the same goals,” he told me today. “Just painting a vivid picture of where we from and what we about”.

The Milwaukee, Wisconsin artist has certainly gone his own route. He vibes with Action and Mally Perfect, though. Of course, Cool Tay has known them “since kids,” he said. They match each others’ excitement on the verses and then cool it down for the slow and aquatic hook. A mesmerizing record. SNRS.

To close:

“I sip slow and move quick
My city known for glazing baby, trust me I know
I’m just cruising through the city, gas and mud I’m feeling throwed
Ain’t no way my niggas hurting, if I’m up I’ll put em on”

Prod. Dreamlife Beats.

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