Dee Phr3sh was god body with the flow a couple years back. With Vonny Del Fresco, SAFS Crew and CBS, Milwaukee was looking up. His duo with iLLuminators has been quiet as of late but the artist has been plotting. Now, this artist is right back on that level with Von Alexander and ready to drop (January 26, 2015).

I’m hoping to see big things from the young Brew City artist this year. So is everyone else outta The Mil. Genesis Renji sent me this one. “I’m signing to HOR as of this month,” Dee told me today. “The drop is actually under House Of Renji, so I’m on the roster with my brother Gen & a few of my homies.”

Golden Child crafted the gorgeous record. Dee smacked the angry alternative beat with a meaner flow. That’s problems for everyone else… when the rapper matches the beats he hits to. His flow is similar to to Von’s but they stand apart as a group. The emcee will soon be unveiling some “things” with iLLuminators as well.

Dee Phr3sh has a couple EP’s in the works – one being the Dici EP. “I wanna give everyone a lot of music since I feel like I’ve been holding back the past couple years,” he says. Dee’s last release was Northern Lights. This is a new wave.

“I got a lot of problems, and I don’t know how to solve em”

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