Trebino provided the visual to his “Came Up From Nothing” Freestyle yesterday and it’s more than I expected (January 25, 2016). He keeps it simple in an empty room, yet the young artist grabbed my attention for the full course – with his story and colorful visual.

Today, we chopped it up about the new merch. “The video gives the song a basic gutter type feel,” Bino says. “It’s like I’m telling a story that you can only imagine in your head but its’ all real shit at the same time.” A. Washington shot it. The Beloit-based Camera God recently did Chaos NewMoney’s “Ratchet & Blues” too.

“Now I’m acting ratchet, I’m the trending topic
They like, ‘Bino been going crazy, I’ve been watching’
Starting smoking dope to think about some options
I know I’ve always been a problem
I really can’t help it, brodie told me drop it
Go and get this money, make another project
I just said, ‘Fuck it, I’m the hottest anyway
And it’s a been a minute since I went away”

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