Chaos NewMoney is known for making his own flavor of love song. The AFGM founder and lead performer has been on his “Ratchet & Blues” for many years, although this record is more jiggy than his typical flow (January 21, 2016). I especially like how Chaos intros the track like an R&B singer would do, all slow and considerate, except he just curses the whole time. “I need to stop cussing, I cuss a lot,” he says.

Get ready for another project from Chaos. Whether it’s New Money Vol. 5, the album So Many Nights, or another tape in the Ebola series, one can never be sure what’s next from the unpredictable rapper… Here’s Vol. 4 for your ass, though.

“I’m talking about ratchet and blues baby
Let me get ratchet with you baby”

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