This video drew brought me to “Shaolin Son”. $tevie Adam$ has an ok flow but his style is much louder. The rapper with the leopard-print headband performed the two-track opus in an arcade with his friends, and dubbed the video with funny commentary. The aesthetic is confusing but awesome.

The Chicago emcee had a full production crew on “Shaolin Son (Rising)”, with Bryson King and Larry! on the first song, and Martin $ky on the second. $tevie credits Parker Foster of Visual SZN and Byrd of Ryder Visuals with the cinematography for the short rap film. The rapper self-directed the whole video, though.

“Lately I’ve been contemplating
Please don’t change the station
Fly with me across the nation
Y’all know all this rap shit takes patience
I’m tryna take vacations to Tokyo”

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