Damir Balo can’t stop his Stream of Consciousness (February 8, 2016). We could all learn from artists like him. Many talk about how natural their flow is… Where is the music? This talented rapper-producer keeps it moving but also has the mind for concept records. See his last two projects – Chasing Forever 5 and Bread N Water 2. He doesn’t have the studio sound but he does he need it?

This is Hip Hop – off top and self-produced. Damir Balo can lace the quick freestyles, and he had a deep catalogue before he deleted his archive. Stream of Consciousness is more calculated. He recently spoke in detail about the project and his direction with Basement Made. The artist’s favorite record on the tape is “Goodnight,” a Kanye-influenced record. He says the whole tape acts as a “Kanye troll,” or a parody of the Chicago-raised mogul.

This is why we connected. Whether it’s on the street, underground or conscious level, Damir Balo is Basement Made. I see the artistry but I also need to see work. This emcee is pushing. “Just to show how much I love music,” he says. “I don’t really think about politics”. He’ll release music if he wants to, without thinking too much about the current trends. Oh, and he recorded this entire project in one night.

The Atlanta-born rapper-producer has been in The Mil for a minute but he’s still looking to get more involved with the local scene – particularly with shows. The eclectic artists of Cream City are finally coming together and Balo will be amongst the popular kids soon. Stay woke. His team WeRTheLost (Damir Balo, Bili Ro$e, Jon Briggz) will make sure of that.

Production credits: “Me me me me me,” the artist says.

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