Forget love, 3rd Dimension believes in Just Lust. Check out Mad City’s coldest group, as they deliver line after line on their latest lady-centric EP. This is “Stain” music – vivid story lines over cocoa-smooth instrumentals. This is romance for Hip Hop fans. And while they dropped the EP on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2016), 3rd is really looking for this kinda love year round.

A few of these guys live at their stu in downtown Madison. I visited in December and distinctly remember seeing a couple females there. These weren’t the typical bustdowns that Madison rappers usually stay with, either. These were upper echelon females. In other words, I can vouch for this player shit. While 3rd’s music won’t get you laid directly, it does provide the ambiance that a young king needs to make that move. Things Have Changed.

Reeks on “Keys”:

“You was right every night, need Gladys
And you can be my black Kate Upton
Always when it come to leaving, I can’t leave her alone
I’ma dreamer, you’re like Nina Simone
Evidently, all I see are the signs
Love is blind and I can’t see where I’m going”

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