CamB will find himself a big audience if he keeps making music like this “We’ll Be Alright” record (February 17, 2016). This is a beautiful record – vivid lyricism, nice melodies, and a decadent instrumental from XIV. Somehow though, CamB can turn a love ode like this into a grind record at the same time. Tough. Milwaukee smoothness.

I hope to hear many more like this on the artist’s upcoming project too. He’s slated the Ain’t-I-Social? tape for Summer release. I’m excited to hear it and you should be too. Take a minute to look back at CamB’s more up “Too Long.” record as well – it’s almost as clean as “We’ll Be Alright”.

House of Renji is on a wave! Emmitt James is a great feature on this. XIV went in on the beat too.

“Lost my mind around the time I found myself
Gained some peace around the time I lost it all
Took a chance when everybody wrote me off
Left my fears beside my tears to follow my heart”

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