Scottie Phresh & Skyy Phreshh are out here living the purge (February 19, 2016). First Class is back together to create “Anarchy” in the midst of the battleground. The beat alone is enough to get the people moving. These young kings take the instrumental and light it up, taking the energy of the already massive record to another level.

“Got on all black with some red J’s, I don’t gangbang
I just fuck hoes, and my niggas here on the same thing”

– Scottie Phresh

In Milwaukee, the purge is real. “Corruption,” Skyy tells me, which is everywhere is Midwest politics. First class uses those societal problems as a reason to turn up, though. “Having fun and just rioting and standing up for our self”. Just yesterday, Scott Walker hit the people with more questionable policy, as 20,000 Latinos, immigrants, farmers, students and other supporters amassed on the capitol square.

Remember when folks were trying to re-enact the movie? These two want to see their music in the next film. I would enjoy that. After taking down their last couple videos, I didn’t expect another, but Peace To The Gods is still coming. Scottie and Skyy can do big things if they keep the unit together. They’ve made it this far with their 4 other siblings. First Class to the top.

“They raiding and killing our people
How we supposed to be equal
They adding and working, dividing my people
I hopped on the block and divided my people
I gave em the work and they solved it, it’s simple
Used to be broke but I work instrumentals
Now the kid rap for credentials”

– Skyy Phreshh

John JSwaqq Holifield shot the cold visual.

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