UPDATE (7-10-17): The “Nightswim” video is now available for your viewing pleasure.

Today’s EP will be coming to you in three parts (February 22, 2016). Each record is about a specific woman, and each woman represents a certain type of love. I showed ya The Hustle, now I’m goin deep. I call it The Fall In. Everyone knows that uncontrollable feeling of falling into another person’s life. Love gets a bad wrap and I too am guilty of pushing it to the side, to get out the more unpleasant parts of my life. Also, women didn’t look at me until I got accepted into college, which kinda had me jaded for a while. This is my first project for the lovely ladies – the real ones.

First, we’ll be waking up to “Sushi & Eggs”, a record I wrote for the morning love. Whatever happened last night, you’re “caught up in your feelings” that next morning. Whether she’s horny, was just dreaming about you… she’s in your intimate space. Tantalizing but carnal. Raw and primal but with the smooth that comes with the crack of dawn. J|D on the hook. Check back in a few hours for the day love.

“Bae with your body to mine
Embody your spirit and mind
I can go many a time in a row
You might need God to hop outta the flow”

The next record is called “Good Brain,” a song I dedicate to women with great headspace and sexual energy. I mean, dumb bitches are fun to have sex with, don’t get me wrong. Most of em are ultimately empty, though. Smart women give a more interesting lip service but they ultimately bore me. I guess I’m greedy… I expect her to blow my mind intellectually and then take the dick with excellence. I’m also an artist, which draws me to the talent. Today, I go through my relationship with my female counterpart in Hollywood, showing the world who I spend my days with. On “Good Brain”, I show how tough it is to handle the woman fiend for.

“I’m a writer, gimme exclusive
And I’ll flip our script to a movie
Starring me, you and Henny
The sex by the plenty, it’ll get plenty of viewers”

This evening, I bring the “Nightswim” for the fence hoppers – the trespassers. This silky record is for the late night lovers that don’t care for the rules of modern day society. Or maybe, they’re just tryna hide from them. The obscurity of the night can veil the underlying emotion behind a hookup, yet the shadow still gives life to an otherwise impossible relationship. Maybe ya knew her for a while, maybe ya didn’t. I grew up with the girl from this song but we never connected until we hit the lake. Either way, if she’s hitting you up after 11pm, you know wussup… The “splash” can be the spontaneity, it can be the excitement, but over anything it’s the fucking. Fun fact: Wisconsin is the 4th wettest state in the US. Stay woke, the weatherman is forecasting flash floods throughout the nation tonight.

“You’ll catch the flow, soon as I cue the music
Your C’s got degrees but you’re more of an A student
Here’s a cap, take that, you’re booming
Now let ya sundress fall with the sunset”

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