Canadian producer The Kount laced this lovely beat for Valentine’s Day. Ra’Shaun took the instrumental and gave it heart. The Madtown artist is losing his mind, going for this “Colombiana”. We spoke today about the temptress. “Little cutie but a headache, and she ain’t even mines breh,” he said.

The artist went on to explain that he’s still working out a few “rough patches” in his love life, although this one is already going over smooth with the Latina. “She feel special and shit as she should,” he joked. Best of luck to the young wave master but we get the better part of the deal – an irresistible new loosie that’ll have ya singing:

“Ohhh ayyy, I can’t lie
Don’t be playing with my time
That just don’t end well for me
That do not end well…”

Premiered by Pigeons and Planes. ORANGE WALL EP coming soon. Chloe Moretz loves Ra’Shaun:


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