It won’t take long for me to learn how say this one. For now, I can just type Nefelibata (Februrary 26, 2016). Drúdini – a self-described magician, recording artist and college athlete – pairs up with emcee Tyson Spears to form the cloud-walking duo. We premiered “Lo$t/Alone” on Basement Made, which was super lit. The final product is even better. Dru and T$ are providing a new wavy kind of R&B from Cream City. The flows are quick but the vibe is slow. Young Cleo Fox III mixed it.

On “XTC” :

“Can ya tell me what ya like
See the angel in your skin
Got the devil in your eyes
All these drugs you recommend”

Check out the upcoming book drive show with Lex Allen of New Age Narcissism, Von and Ar Wesley. I like that – “Attic Jams”.

Lex Allen Von Alexander AR Wesley Cinco Nefelibata Diaz Attic Jams March Madness 2016

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