ICE Borealis is stressed out. He doesn’t “Understand” why others keep talking down on their own crew and associates (February 29, 2016). Where Hip Hop in other areas is more collaborative, The Midwest has a more toxic mindset. Most artists think that they have to tear others down to succeed, because there are so few opportunities. ICE just “let it be” like The Beatles, though. At least that’s what he raps.

The blend of the hard-hitting, honest lyrics and intense self-production from Borealis makes this a positive message for the community. “I was just talking shit,” ICE aka Ian Christopher Evans told Basement Made last night. Regardless of his intention, the artist went in a new experimental direction on the grimed out, emotional record. “I’m trying to tap into the slower tripped-out vibe,” he told me. Peep the Melancholy project the young artist just dropped.

“Got you gon wet me, bitch I’m waterproof
I should fucking diss you, cause I’ll slaughter you
Yea, that’s what I outta do
Tell me how you sound like shit with autotune
Bitch that shit is outta tune
I don’t fuck with y’all, that’s the honest truth”

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