In lead up to The Giver album, let’s throw it back to “Forecast” one time for L-R. I just heard the loosie the other day and it still plays. “This record was inspired by my very own wife,” he told me. Wifey love – that’s the realest kind. “This is to uplift the women and tell em don’t lose hope”. We premiered L-R’s “They Know” and most recently “Rain” on Basement Made – both great records. This artist spends quality time on his verses, I can tell.

“This is for the queens who feel like maybe they can’t get it right,” he told me. “The bad relationships, the dead ends represent the clouds and the rain but the sun represents the person needs in the form of a partner.” Mike Regal did the beat, Mammyth mixed it (and added the Bobby Brown sample). Go grab L-R’s “Do Dat” record with Ar Wesley on iTunes.

The video for “They Know” :

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