YE Ali dropped another Kirko Bangz feature this mornin (March 1, 2016). The Indiana native is a master of “Honey Love”. He linked with the leaned-out Houston, Texas singer and sensational Milwaukee, Wisconsin composer Bizness Boi for the bedroom boom joint. This is the second single off Ali’s upcoming 4play EP with Kirko. See Private Suite 1.

“Sticky and wet, no I can’t forget you
Kiss on your thighs and I lick on your tattoos girl”

The hardworking artist dropped the “Go First” record a few days ago. These vibes come straight from a 90’s slow jam. Xo on the beat. YE Ali is a genius songwriter and collaborator. The artist keeps it fresh on these new songs, with a touch of the old school.

“Don’t get it twisted baby, I’m still a player
But she did this time for me so I’ma change it up”

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