Reggie Bonds has responded to the call (March 2, 2016). After dropping a “NO MORE PARTIES WITH FAKE RAPPERS” remix and firing up a little competition in the Milwaukee scene, the rapper has kept it cool for the last couple weeks. He’s moving things around out der in The Mil. His moves are calculated. Keep it locked for more content from Reggie Bonds, including The Next Phase album.

Late in the first cut, Reggie says:

“I’m just kicking knowledge, in certain ways I’m modest
But not with rap, these industry niggas wack
So is local joker niggas fabricating they stats
I’m Malcolm but from The Mil, Martin but I will kill
I’m Jesse but more real, rest in peace to Emmett Till
It’s curtains, that boy perfect
I’ve connected a universe fulla circuits
Inner purpose – they worthless
I’m the coldest, suspenders hold they agenda
One yell, it’ll timber, the flow was mixed in a blender
Sucio, the flow is childish, no Gambino
But mine’s vulgar, too many feast off they own ego
They hate me, Melatonin, I’m sleep while they performing
Cause all they talk is that lean shit, how they Styrofoaming
Throw the towel on em”

Then later on the second cut:

“Where you been, killer shit, giving my city some flavor
Know some killers and they shooting too, but the coolest niggas you could ever hang with
Talking science – bio-metric, characteristics – these niggas feathers
I’m done talking, I’m not Twitter beefing, that’s for lame niggas that don’t have a schedule
Perfectly planning their death day, they are not rappers if they take breaks
Tryna fool you with the gimmicks, nigga, call Adele to come and get you nigga”

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