Ibn Inglor wishes the best on the world with his second Honegloria single “Pray For Health.” His message is pure. Ibn has been going in a more electro direction as of late, like many others from the Chicago area, but this artist is truly taking his songwriting and production to a world far from the local competition. We spoke earlier today.

“I don’t follow any religion, I just believe if you have a relationship with God that’s all that matters. No need to give yourself a title if we all believe in the same higher existence at the end of the day. It’s been a journey believing if something is there or not, personally, cause we don’t know nothing.”

This intricate artist has a bigger idea in mind. “I’m trying to save the culture,” is the first thing he says on the new record. One thing that I appreciate about his music is the emotional honesty. He can be confident or concerned depending on the concept. So many rappers get caught in a one track mindset. Ibn Inglor can write and his delivery is the most serious. “I think Hip Hop has gotten more honest over the past years, a lot of people are tired of holding back,” he told me.

His sound is always an unidentifiable murky mix of Hip Hop, Rock and EDM. Arran Sym did this one. The grimy music behind his message reflects the depression he’s been working through. Ibn Inglor has a powerful vibe. His sound is addicting and brings a positive message. Indianapolis, Indiana’s Mathaius Young features on the “Pray For Health” record.

“I pray for me, I pray for you
I pray for freedom, pray for truth
You’re my angel, you’re my lover
Please believe that I am something”

Premiered via Noisey.

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