JMSN provides the up close and personal visual for “Cruel Intentions” (March 7, 2016). Later in the video, he delivers a little bit of spoken word via “Good Ol’ Case of the Blues”. What an incredible pair of songs we have here – from falsetto to spoken word. His crew shot the whole thing in one shot, giving the track an unbroken open mic sort of feel.

Don’t even try to compare this artist to the competition, though. This is Motown baby. Pre-order JMSN’s album It Is now.

“Yea true true, I can’t get mad at you
But shit, what would you do?
If somebody gave you $250,000 you’d be feeling yourself too
See, I ain’t tryna tell you what to do
Cause we all learn when we lose
And we all pay for what we choose
And shit, what is life without a good ol case of the blues?”

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