Cream City is in full motion. Ishdarr and his manager Mag just took a trip out to Cali to do a couple shows and meet with Grammys and Beats. E Coop and EMAAD are managing their own careers. Today, E Coop pairs up with EMAAD to bring us a happy “GGS” record from CCM (March 10, 2016). Milwaukee rappers are loving the gold grills as of late.

Get your tix for TDM Fest 2016. See the lineup below.

“I’m gold grill smiling
I’m showing off my tats and off my trophies, I be wylin
Young nigga out the hood, so I be styling with this gold”

TDM Fest 2016 Yung Satori E Coop Munch Lauren EMAAD Ju Preach Rich Gang Shaq Mr New York Tone Da Man BoodahDarr March 30

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