RED has been eclectic in finding his sound but his talent is undeniable. The Madison, Wisconsin emcee hit the city with a vibey “Drug of Choice” back in October with Trapo and Ra’Shaun, and has since laced a few promising remixes and features. This “Gasoline” joint is right up there with last year’s emotional single (February 22, 2016). He goes in a more rock direction on this record but I get a familiar feel from “The Bull” on everything he touches. RED has a memorable flow. The emotional emcee just needs to warm up to the singing a little more and he’s got the whole package – wrapped and ready for the mainstream.

“Are you deranged like me
Walk through rain like me
Think a thousand thoughts a day inside your brain like me
Middle fingers up towards the noise complaints like me
Stand for fuck what they talm bout, turn up, let it bang like me”

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