UPDATE: Video. — Trebino and Ra’Shaun keep firing, saying “Yea Yea” (March 21, 2016). Bino has kept it consistent, bringing out a new record every month to follow #BinoBusiness. Ra’Shaun is hyped off his latest hit single “Colombiana” and from selling out his first show in Madison. When they come together, the pair gets a certain type of energy. The “Yea Yea” mix is muddy at times but these artists are doing it all from the ground up. Ayyy, these two are critical for 608 Music.

“I had to get off my ass, I had to get it for real
I’ma go get me a bag, I’ma go get me a whip”

Snippet from Ra’Shaun’s recent show at Lothlorien Co-Op in downtown Madison, Wisconsin.


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