3rd Dimension premiered a cooled out “Oracle” record today via the buzzing HipHopDX feature – “The Wisconsin Soul: The Best Rappers Out Of The Badger State” (March 24, 2016). Vibes from the young kings of The 608. The guys work this slow beat from Burn$ampson, showing America what they’re capable of, when given the blessing.

Things Have Changed.

“I won’t lay the verse til I perfect it
Surfing, I project a metaphorical murder
If I get disrespected by another person
I get geeked when confrontation peeks its pretty head in the picture
Check out my record, we don’t take losses
I break the pressure, when I’m off the dribble, might pull up from 30
Like Problems don’t hurt em, my team might embarrass ya, this is America”

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