The man with a plan will be stopping by Paul Ryan’s hometown next week on March 29, 2016. Ryan, who is the current Speaker of the House, has spoken out against Trump’s KKK support and anti-Muslim policy.

Trump was leading polls in Wisconsin, and now appears to be in a tie with Cruz, yet no one in our GOP state government fucks with him. Of course, Madison and Milwaukee stand strongly against his energy too.

“No members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, no state lawmakers, and no statewide public officials past or present have publicly endorsed Trump. The campaign’s national headquarters didn’t return requests for comment about any other endorsements in the state.” – WPR

Without going into all the details, because he’s really not worth it, this man hates you unless you’re a wealthy businessman from the city. There’s no good reason to support Donald Trump, especially if you’re from da Dairy State. If you’re in the area for the rally on March 29, show him how you feel – Wisconsin style.

If you’re gonna vote on April 5 for the Republican Primaries, vote for Cruz. Bernie Sanders will also be in Madison on Saturday, March 26. He and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in the polls. Vote Bernie.

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