Royce Da 5’9″ is still kicking it with the best of em on the Tabernacle: Trust The Shooter EP (March 29, 2016). The Slaughterhouse emcee has a more East Coast flow, compared to other Detroit emcees, but I can still hear some similarities to Eminem. You’d be hard-pressed to find many matching up lyrically with Royce. Madison, Wisconsin native DJ Pain 1 did the title track and “Universe [Interlude]”. Look out for Royce’s studio album Layers on April 15, 2016. Also, shout out a fellow alchy for fighting through his drug addiction, I know the struggle.

“The needle leaning past the finish line like Lance Armstrong
I’m inside her, smelling like ya baby mama vagina, bonfire island and…
I’m not a killer I’m just spitting with a sickness called homicidilities
Flatscreen surrounds me and my dub c dub, in my whip, so she can read her Twitter mentions in 3 dimensions”


1. Black History
2. Savages
3. Dead Presidents Heads
4. Might Right Interlude
5. Which Is Cool
6. The Banjo
7. Wait
8. Rap On Steroids
9. Universe Interlude
10. Tabernackle
11. Trust The Shooter
12. (Bonus) Digest

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