Emmitt James does this one for his momma (March 31, 2016). The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native kicks the song off with a voicemail from his mom – showing love, sounding exhausted. Then he sends a message back with a minute of his story, from a transitional state in LA. He tags the song as “blues-hop”. Smooth.

Emmitt James has been dropping alot of music lately, as has the rest of House of Renji. This artist is on the roster with Genesis Renji, Dee Phr3sh, Golden Child, AK Stackz and PC The Real.

Look out for FREERefills on April 9.

“I left Presalean to chase a dream
And I’m still tryna find it
I’ll be back when I got bread for that round trip
I won’t stop until Chaela ain’t gotta buy shit”

Prod. Tyler Ollanik.

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