Fresh off a high profile placement in HipHopDX, Bankx has sumn to get this off his chest (April 1, 2016). He feels as though people have had him fucked up. “Everybody just assumes shit about me and what I do but in reality no one actually knows what’s going on,” he told Basement Made yesterday. “This was kinda a just stress reliever drop.” I feel that.

Bankx keeps his style but the sound is much cleaner. The artist met Cleo Fox last month. “Good people,” Bankx says. Since, Fox has mixed the “Know x2” and “Real” collaborations that Bankx did with XYZ. The engineer also dropped a regal “GOLDEN” record of his own a few days ago.

Look out for Bankx’ “Us” single coming next week, and a tape near the end of the year. Penthouse Music.

“Tell me what you know, what you really know
Who you wanna be, where you wanna go
I might lose myself but I won’t lose control
I’ve been on the road, what they really want?”

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